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KANINE SIX Screenshots
Home Page
We are pleased to present some various screenshots fropm the software. Keep in mind that KANINE SIX is has different themes available that affect colors used in the software. Click on any screenshot to view a larger size.
The home page acts as a springboard to the various functionality within the software. Access to records is available on the right side, while access to settings, profiles and management functionality is on the left.
The Activities page is easier to use than ever and allows for the documentation of activities performed during a training or deployment session as well as the ability to add any finds that were either hidden (training and certification) or located (Deployments).
Record Listing
When any record type is selected for viewing, a listing of the records, for that type, are displayed in a searchable, filterable grid. From here, the record can be reviewed, edited or printed in pre-designed printable reports.
Main record Information
This screen captures the main information about the record and allows access to Activities, Record Notes as well as People, Vehicles and Traffic Data when in Deployments.
The Finds screen not only documents multiple finds that were located during any type of search, but also adjusts to document track subjects for both training and deployments.
Suspect Information
This screen allows the user to enter names into a repository for use in any record. the system does have the ability to disallow access to sensitive information like SSN and DOB, if desired.
Audit tracking
The system automatically tracks certain actions performed by the user and creates and audit log that can assist in troubleshooting and record tracking.
We’ll post more screenshots going forward