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KANINE SIX release information
Development of the upcoming KANINE SIX software has been months in the making. In this version, we’ve taken the time to re-develop the database so that it is more efficient and easier for us to bring you a K9 Records system that is more efficient and easier to use. Our users know that our software is full of functionality that other records packages simply do not offer. This extra functionality makes building an updated version challenging and time consuming. However, in the end it will be worth it.
Current Development News for the upcoming KANINE SIX software
Current focus
07-04-17 Progress is picking up a little steam now. Currently, each screen is being checked to make sure that all basic functionality of each sccreen is essentially the same, fixing minor issues as I go, and testing continuously. This week will be a key week in hopefully making some finalizations, which should bring the software very close to an initial release.  06-19-17 Some development time was lost from mid-May until now due to circumstances beyond my control. I am, once again, working on development of KANINE SIX and in fact will be shutting down all office functions until at least July 10th, at which time I hope to have KANINE SIX downloadable in some form. Thank you for your patience. Check back here for news every few days. 05-02-17 Beginning work on the KANINE Visual Pro Conversion process. I’m not sure how long this will take, but I will continue to post progess here. 04-20-17 Sync functionality is in place and working. However, there is still some work to be done implementing the synchronization functionality. I’m hoping to have this feature finished within a week or so. 04-03-17 Now working on synchronization functionality. This functionality makes it possible for the user to access records on multiple computers. Although this is a complicated process, it is moving forward fairly quickly. I expect to have to work through this week and upcoming weekend to complete these tasks. Will update when finished. 03-24-17 Worked on a function that was promised for Visual Pro, but never actually made it into the software. This functionality allows one person to add basic find information for each of the finds (or activities) presented in a group training so that any users that participated in the training, that are using KANINE SIX software (even if they are from a different agency), can simply pull the finds into their training record for the session. This will save record entry time and make it unnecessary for handlers to record find information during the training. 03-20-17 Finished work on Event marker that functions much the same as the event marker in KANINE 5.0. Work continues on various functionality before starting work on Visual Pro conversion later this week. 03-14-17 KANINE 5.0 conversion is complete. Several more test conversions will take place before release. But, it is in place and running successfully. Now that we have the ability to test the system with large numbers of imported records, we will be checking things like screen load times and ensure reocrd entry, edit and deletion rules are in order. More work will be done on printable reports as well as a second look at the Reliability screen. Following these tasks, I will begin working on the Conversion and import 03-07-17 Conversion tasks for Main records, Activities, Suspects and Vehicles are complete. Today, will be working on Vet and expense records, followed by Use of force and lookup table imports. I am hoping to have KANINE 5.0 conversion completed in full before the start of next week.
In-software database update functionality Software conversion from KANINE Visual Pro Printable report development is still in- progress Final testing and debugging.
When will it release?
Having underestimated this entire development schedule, I simply cannot set a release date at this time. Even though some tasks have come to completion quicker than expected, many core tasks have taken much longer than estimated. We are simply going to keep working as much as persistently as possible and try to bring the software to our customers as soon as we can. I will post information to this page at the end of each work week, so that we can keep you as informaed as possible.
Whats left?