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** PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING ** I am so very proud to announce that KANINE SIX is now available for download. The initial release is a limited release and will not initially allow for registration. This release will allow for testing of features that are available in FREE mode and will be the starting point for all future releases. You can consider this initial version as a Beta version that will allow our customers to test the functionality and provide feedback until we feel that an actual production version is ready. Although the system has been constantly tested throughout development, we still expect that the next several weeks will involve numerous automatic updates as the software is further tested and refined. Here is a summarization of our initial release expectations. Initial release will not yet allow for registration and will only allow the features available in FREE Mode. The initial release is expected to need bug fixes and adjustments. Automatic updates will be frequent, sometimes even daily, until the software becomes stable and bug free. Limited printable reports will be initially available with more added over the next several weeks. Bug reports can be e-mailed to us at support@codebluedesigns.com KANINE SIX Release Road map September 1st, 2017- Initial Test Mode release o This release will not allow registration and will not allow many registered features October 1st-October 31st, 2017- Register-able Beta release o KANINE 5.0 will no longer be offered for sale. o We’ll begin providing KANINE SIX registration information to licensed agencies. o KANINE 5.0 users will be able to register and the KANINE 5.0 import utility will be enabled for KANINE 5.0 record import. 5.0 Users may use the software in full. o KANINE Visual Pro users may begin using the software in registered mode. However, the Visual Pro import utility may not be available. November 1st-November 30th, 2017- Full release o Most features should be available to registered users June 1st, 2018-KANINE 5.0 end of life o KANINE 5.0  and KANINE Visual Pro will no longer be supported. Users that have not moved to KANINE SIX, should do so by this date.
KANINE SIX Release Information
Now releasing in FREE Mode only