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** PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING ** KANINE SIX software has been in development for several months and, when completed, will become the newest version of KANINE Software. KANINE SIX uses a completely redesigned database and a mixture of features from KANINE 5.0 and KANINE Visual Pro. As of January 1st, 2018, KANINE SIX is still in the late stages of development. I was hoping to have the software ready for complete release by this date. Unfortunately, the long KANINE SIX development journey is not yet over and there are still portions of the software that need to be finished. I am, however, proud to announce that even though development has been slow, it is still moving forward. I do not, however, have a release date set at this time. Please feel free to use the link above to download the software and follow along with our progress as we post updates of our progress. NOTE: All users that have purchased KANINE 5.0 within 2 years of the final release date will be able to move to KANINE SIX at no cost. Additionally, all users of KANINE Visual Pro that possess a valid license at the time of KANINE SIX release will also be allowed to move into the new software at no extra cost.
KANINE SIX Release Information
Now releasing in FREE Mode only
Installer updated 12-14-17