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KANINE SIX release information
UPDATE: KANINE SIX initial release is imminent. Read below for more details.
History in the making
KANINE Software was first envisioned in 1999. KANINE came more from necessity, than from any kind of desire to engage in a software business. You see, I was a K9 handler with a small, Iowa department. And I purchased another well known software package, that also starts with a “K”, and kind of sounds like ‘cats’. I remember using the software and being so very disappointed in so many features of the software that I came to a point where I felt I could no longer successfully use it for my record keeping. Having had my first computer programming experience at the young age of 13, I (then 28) decided that instead of using a piece of software that was too challenging, I would create my own software. Just for me, of course. After I created the first rendition of KANINE software, and began using it, another handler saw it and the cat crawled from the bag. By 2001, I was selling KANINE Software on the website. Download speeds were still too low to facilitate big downloads, so each purchaser received a CD in the mail, to install the software. As the software became more refined, versions 1,2,3,4 and KANINE 2006 were released. Each of these versions sold better than the version before. In August 2010, KANINE 5.0 was released. KANINE 5.0 was easy to use, affordable and was well liked by users so much that word of mouth was the only advertisement needed.   Following KANINE 5.0, I longed to create a version of the software that would use the web to sync records among the user’s many computers. At the time, however, my knowledge of creating synchronization processes was limited, and I joined up with a team of programmers to try to create the next amazing KANINE Software. There were some good things that came from our team experience and, unfortunately, some bad things as well. I learned a lot from our partnership and enjoyed working with them. However, the one thing that always made KANINE so very successful, changed. With each previous version of the software, I was the lone coder. Visual Pro was a collaboration, and, in my opinion, somewhere in the process, the true essence of the software was lost. Visual Pro took on a new complication that couldn’t easily be fixed. And, after trying to bring Visual Pro to the level that I had originally imagined, I knew it was finally time to, well, make a fresh start. Back to basics KANINE 5.0 has always had somewhat of a following. And, KANINE 5.0 has been the most enjoyable software to work with because of how much everyone enjoyed it and how easy it was to maintain. With Visual Pro, many of the features that were well liked by customers, were lost in the shuffle. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have customers that think that Visual Pro is great. But, it was never able to live up to my expectations of what a KANINE software should be. And, it became so complicated underneath, that it was almost impossible to bring it to that level of greatness. KANINE SIX With KANINE SIX, the goal was to create an easily maintained software package that leverages all of the things that users liked best about KANINE 5.0, as well as some of the nice, newer features contained in Visual Pro. What you end up with is a simple to use software package that can be adjusted and tweaked over time until it’s, well, almost perfect. And, in short, that’s pretty much the plan. Development begins with a bang Development of KANINE SIX began, in earnest, around December 2015. Had everything gone as planned at that time, A release could have been easily achieved by summer. Things don’t always go the way we plan, though, and In January, I came down with the first symptoms of a system wide auto-immune disease known as RA or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most people think this disease is about old age or just about arthritis. But, unfortunately, RA has system wide effects that not only limit your mobility and cause you pain, but also comes with brain fog, chronic fatigue, depression and other really fun symptoms. So, when the disease reaches a certain point, it becomes, well,  difficult to think. Even to the extent that a 1 year project becomes a 2 year project in record time. Fortunately for me I was able to find natural treatments by seeing a functional medicine doctor, and today, I’m back to, mostly, normal. To all who have patiently waited for KANINE SIX, I thank you, and apologize all at once. Now, let’s move forward. New licensing types in KANINE SIX Pricing has always been important to me because of the fact that I was a Police Officer for 14 years, and in a supervisory position for the last several. So, I know how budgets work and it’s important for me to be able to provide the ability for the handlers to keep accurate records, while at the same….it’s just K9 Software. It shouldn’t cost a lot of money to keep your records. In KANINE Visual Pro, licensing became, again, too complicated. This makes it difficult for people to understand what they need to purchase, which spurs more phone calls and e-mails and takes away from the forward progress of development. A FREE version of the software Over the years, I’ve become close with K9 handlers all over the country. In many cases, these handlers come from departments that have small, or no K9 budget, causing these handlers to have to purchase K9 software themselves. Additionally, many Search and Rescue team members have to purchase the software out of their own pocket as well. So, with this in mind, I have allowed KANINE SIX to run in FREE mode. This can act as a DEMO mode, but will never expire. This allows a handler to keep an unlimited number of ‘Training records’, without restriction. However, the user can only enter a few of the other types of records. Although this does come with some substantial limits, it should enable a handler from even the most underfunded department to keep good, accurate training records for court. To my knowledge, a free version of K9 software has never been offered by any other reputable company. So, for free, you can use the same software (at not cost) that your peers use, with these limits: ○ Free unlimited Training records. ○ 1 user account. No supervisory accounts ○ Limited number of deployments, certifications, expense and medical (limited to 10 additions total) ○ No theme changing ability ○ Minimal reports. No graphs ○ No web based functions ○ No historical weather (weather for now only) ○ No support ○ No online backups ○ No Group record sharing ○ No Record Approval ○ No GPS Mapping KANINE SIX will also have a one-time purchase price (option) of $99.00. This does limit some web based functionality as well, but all other features are enabled. This licensing is for those that don’t need to sync records between multiple computers or share records with a group (although a non-web based method of sharing should be available to one-time payers). Otherwise, to get the full functionality of KANINE SIX, it is simply $50 per handler/per year. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! What happens now? I have posted a video (Top of page), showing an overall introduction to the software as it is seen in free mode. The remainder of this week will be centered on preparation for an initial release, which is planned for next Monday, August 14th. The initial release will allow for FREE mode only. This will allow people to actually begin testing the software. During this initial test release phase, the software will not initially allow for registration, even if you have already purchased 5.0 or Visual Pro. This initial FREE only phase will move into a second phase, within a 1-2 weeks, that will allow users to register the software and begin importing records from KANINE 5.0. During this initial phase, you will find a button on the tools page that allows you to wipe or DELETE the data folder with the touch of a button, so that you can feel free to test the software and then start fresh once you are ready to keep records in earnest. What if I’m currently using Visual Pro? As long as you are license in Visual Pro, you are licensed in KANINE SIX. However, the only ‘big’ feature that still needs finished is the KANINE Visual Pro record import utility. What does this mean for you? Well, I recommend that you download the free version and begin to test and get used to using it now, waiting until I’ve given the OK for KANINE Visual Pro users to use it in registered mode. I’ll provide more direction on for Visual Pro users in the very near future. In summary Again, KANINE SIX development has been a long road, but I do believe that it will be the absolute best K9 software ever available. I can’t wait for everyone interested to begin using it and I also can’t wait to see the software morph into not just something useful, or even great, but something amazing!
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