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KANINE SIX Help and Training
Introductory Video
GPS Record Creation
Officer’s Daily Log
Startup using FREE mode
Search and Rescue Mode
KANINE SIX software is the latest version of KANINE Software and has many new and exciting features. Although ease of use has been a key consideration throughout the KANINE SIX development process, here are some training videos to help you understand the software as thoroughly as possible.
This is a simple introductory video that highlights features available to anyone using the software in FREE mode.
This video walks you through the process of getting started with KANINE SIX in FREE mode. KANINE Software is proud to be the only K9 Records software that allows for unlimited K9 Training record entry.
This video details the process of allowing KANINE SIX to create a record from a pre-recorded GPS track that is in gpx format.
An informational video about the features of the newly redesigned Officer’s Daily Log screen.
This video outlines the functionality that is available to Search and Rescue personnel that minimizes law enforcement specific fields and functionality.