Code Blue Designs has been a leader in the K9 Software industry since 2000. We currently service more than 1500 customer agencies throughout the US and in a handful of other countries. Our business model is based on taking user feedback to heart as well as the promise to never allow our software to stop growing by exploring and implementing new technologies.
Our products are built using the latest .Net technologies and we constantly strive to make the software more user friendly, more reliable and more feature packed. We know our users and the challenges that they face in the ever evolving world of K9 and our overall goal is to take the work out of K9 record keeping. And we promise not to stop until the records are as fast and simple as possible. We currently offer two separate K9 software applications to accomidate the needs of our users. KANINE 5.0 stores the data locally, is tried true and tested and comes with a one-time fee. Kanine Visual Pro is our newest software and allows the user to store records in web based, or agency based SQL Server databases so that the user’s records are reviewable immediately after entry. And, even though Visual Pro requires a yearly fee, the new team management features, global record access and quick record entry make it all worthwhile.
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Serving Law Enforcement, Fire, SAR and civilian agencies throughout the world since 2000.
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With more than 10 years of experience in Law enforcement software, we understand your needs and the challenges that come along with your job. From start to finish, we’ll assist you in utilizing our software to it’s fullest potential.
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KANINE Visual Pro

Visual Pro is our newest version of the KANINE Software.  Visual Pro is a windows based software that utilizes local and web based data, allowing for greater access to your agencies records than ever before. KANINE 5.0 KANINE 5.0 uses local (Non web based) data and allows users to export records to a folder on an agency server. This software is tried, true and tested and is in use by more than 1500 agencies throught the U.S and other countries around the world.